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in Berlin (man, I thought we left Kansas!)

Malerei von Ivan Jovanovic

14.02.2014 - 14.03.2014

And when they came © Ivan Jovanovic

And when they came © Ivan Jovanovic

"When we packed our boxes in 2009 - myself in pursuit of some encounter that Berlin was meant to facilitate - this title 'Lost in the Funhouse' and its assumed direction was already in the luggage. It's now four years later and this part of the luggage is still being unpacked. People's lives and attitudes in big 'western' cities are increasingly feeling more alike. With today's airtravel, going around the world is sometimes like taking the subway to another neighbourhood bar. Man! Some things are simply getting too pre-packaged. Homogenity, with how-to instructions in 19 languages.

Sometimes I feel that I am falling into a bit of topicality with what I am trying to depict. But I still can't shake off the necessity that spurs it on. I hope in the least that I am improving upon my painting."

Ivan Jovanovic, Berlin, January 2014

Über Ivan Jovanovic

Geboren 1974 in Belgrad, Jugoslawien (heute Serbien). Im Alter von 10 Jahren Umzug nach Toronto, Canada, mit seiner Familie. Bachelor of Fine Arts der York University Toronto, Canada. Zahlreiche Gruppen- und Einzelausstellungen in Canada, USA, UK, Serbien, Deutschland. Seit 1999 lebt und arbeitet er in Toronto, Belgrad, London und Berlin.


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