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Ono Ludwig: Tine Slot 1614 - 2014

Exhibition in the context of the European Month Of Photography Berlin

17.10.2014 - 15.11.2014

Ono Ludwig: Zeitfenster 1614 - 2014

Ono Ludwig: Swaantje, Mischa, Mexut

Portraiture from the Renaissance and Baroque represents an initial step for the development of modern portraits in Europe. It is closely linked to the Reformation, the Enlightenment and the renunciation of dogma for the turning to science, reason, and the individuality of man as a thinking and acting being.

Into this tradition Ono Ludwig places his series "Time slot". He solely uses analog photographic technique without digital post-processing. The approach to the historical antetypes is accomplished by the composition and the illumination. "My photographs are staged, as my models would be sprung of a bygone era. It is important to me that my characters wear their everyday attire, with its typical features, which can be seen at a second glance only." His point is the individuality of the people as well. "They are portraits that tell little stories."

Ono Ludwig photos of young Europeans are a tribute to the origins of contemporary portraits in Europe. They point to the achievements and values of European cultural history and its potential to shape the future and change it.

Ono Ludwig

Born 1968 in Bochum. Graduated designer (FH). Lives and works in Berlin since 1996 as freelancing photographer and artist. Numerous group and solo exhibitions in Germany, France, Russia and Poland.

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