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Ono Ludwig: Ghosts & Demons

11.10.2013 - 15.11.2013

"The clown comes to fetch you. " © Ono Ludwig

"The clown comes to fetch you. " © Ono Ludwig

In a photograph present and past timelines cross directly. Here, the boundary between subjective perception and objective picture of reality is blurred. Photographs are the archives of our memory, is passed into history with them communicable, times gone by receive a face.

In the medium of photography, the retrospective is discussed per se, because each photograph is already in the moment of recording a piece of the past - but what will happen to these memories?

Memories are often associated in our memory with pictures in which the various moments of our lives are repealed. And sometimes we can not separate what truly happened just by the pictures, which gave us our total recall burned from the subjectively perceived in our head. Souvenirs which we captured on photo paper to share with others, are perceived differently from those people again subjective and linked to their own memories.

Ono Ludwig presents analogue photographies that show the dark ghosts of his childhood, remind the viewer of his own "ghosts" of his childhood and take him into an inner dialogue with the artist.

Ono Ludwig

Born 1968 in Bochum. Graduated designer (FH). Lives and works in Berlin since 1996 as freelancing photographer and artist. Numerous group and solo exhibitions in Germany, France, Russia and Poland.


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