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Whose World? Apocalypse Inside-Out

26.06.2015 - 24.07.2015

With photos, paintings and collages the exhibition questions this year's motto of the 48 Stunden Neukölln "S.O.S. - Art saves the world". Whose world do we have in mind when we are talking about "the world"? What exactly is this world, and what is threatening it?

Interview on the exhibition

with Anja Bischoff and Angela Sigges on © Anja Bischoff

© Anja Bischoff

"Whose World?" is taken by Anja Bischoff in January 2015 on Cape Verde Islands.

A place apparently deserted. Some houses are still under construction, while at the same time others are decaying. Apart from strangely misplaced pets and garbage there is no evidence of the residents.

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© Angelika Sgges

© Angelika Sigges

"Apocalypse Inside-Out" is a selection of new paintings and collages by Angelika Sigges.

The works show people who seem to dissolve into their environment. No harmonious fusion, but melting away, explosion, chaos.

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© Betina Kuntzsch

© Betina Kuntzsch

"The Inside Of Sound" - on Saturday, 27.06.2015 from 16:00 h Joachim Gies performs performs his own subtle compositions on saxophone and other instruments.

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