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Jinran Kim: The Soap Project

17.04.2009 - 30.06.2009

The Soap Project

The Soap Project

The Soap Project is ...

... a project series, based on the use of soap as a metaphor for lifetime spent. Jinran Kim calls it "soap-use-time", and she documents these times in an essentially biographical work.

Her show presents

... a showcase laquered in red displaying 5 pieces of used soap: Every piece of soap belongs to someone who has used it for one month while recording his or her everyday life in a diary that is enshrined in the sowcase.

... time furniture: a white closet in a "female shape" with 18 little vision panels. The panels show illuminated photos of 18 people, all friends and acquaintances of the artists between 6 months and 90 years of age, who used those 18 pieces of soap that the closet preserves.

... an autobiographical time furniture: an elegant display cabinet made of mahagoni treasures not only those pieces of soap that the artist herself used in the past 12 months, it also saves waste products such as clipped toe-nails, underwear and diary entries - a work that reflects the Korean tradition of honoring the ancestores by preserving what they left behind.

... a video documenting the installation "Exercise in Futility": the installation is made of about 2500 pieces of soap, forming a floor that is scrubbed incessantly. Repeatedly performed since 2002, last 2008 in Seoul.

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About Jinran Kim

Born 1968 in Seoul, studied at the Hochschule der Künste in Berlin and in Seoul. Lives and works in Seoul and Berlin. Several awards, among them that of the Cité International des Arts in Paris. Solo shows amongst others in Genf, Heidelberg, Paris.

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