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Alessandro Vitali: INSTABILITY

25.06.2010 - 23.07.2010

The Destroyed Giraffe, Installation, 2010

The Destroyed Giraffe, Installation, 2010

INSTABILITY is a work developed from the collaboration among the art space Pflüger68 and the artist Alessandro Vitali. It's a work in progress developed through different meetings. The work is divided in two events.

THE DESTROYED GIRAFFE _ installation of its history

A representation where the artist uses different materials to tell a paradoxal story.

THE DRAWING ROOM _ paintings

A vision represented by the paintings of an imaginary and intimate place, where themselves take form.

INSTABILITY is the text that contains the two events in a sort of aesthetical-imaginary story, cumulative reservoir of impressions, facts and a kind of mystical illusion.

In the context of 48 Stunden Neukölln Pflüger68 shows the first event related to the work, the installation "THE DESTROYED GIRAFFE _ installation of its history".

The second event of the work, the exhibition "THE DRAWING ROOM _ paintings" is open furthermore from 01.07. to 23.07.

About Alessandro Vitali

Born 1980 in Milan, where he studied architecture. Lives and works in Berlin.

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