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Alessandro Vitali: Incomplete_

12.06.2009 - 27.09.2009

Paintings without title, mixed material on wood, 2008

Paintings without title, mixed material on wood, 2008

Alessandro Vitali shows paintings on canvas and wood. His paintings reflect Berlin as Alessandro Vitali sees it:

"The shapes of Berlin, its square angles, the voids and curves, all that appears in my work. Not directly, but as a trigger. In front of my apartment at Kottbusser Tor there is a big building, a kind of hollow block, and my work 'reads' that block."

Alessandro Vitali considers art as well as architecture as a kind of "writing", with art being the one easier to read for most:

"Whether the high rises at Potsdamer Platz or the disassembled Palast der Republik - this kind of architecture is seen by thousands passing it every day, without fully understanding what this architecture is getting across. Art has a big advantage here, it is immediate, and it is understood that it means to communicate."

About Alessandro Vitali

Born 1980 in Milan, where he studied architecture. Lives and works in Berlin.

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