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Line Claudius: Scultptures

04.09.2009 - 27.09.2009

In cooperation with Jan Goldweida (light)

Sculptures without title, marble and alabaster

Sculptures without title, marble and alabaster

Line Claudius shows sculptures, part stone, part body:

"Line Claudius has been working as a sculptor since 2001. (...) She has practiced nude drawing, and she has often done that by drawing blindfolded. Hence her confindence when handling forms and curves, developping them into voluptuous surfaces. Her work is not so much about emulating a given form, it is about sensing forms. Line Claudius' first works were torsi from clay and soap stone, her newer ones are made of stone. Her stone works are less figurative, but they still evoke the representational aspects of her earlier art."

About Line Claudius:

Born 1966, Line Claudius lives and works in Berlin since 1986. Studies with Bärbel Rothhaar and Amy Brier. Several exhibitions in Berlin.