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bb-blue: Alice Wunderkammer

29.10.2010 - 21.11.2010

Iron Lady, Pirate, Tweedledee, acryl on canvas, 201

Iron Lady, Pirate, Tweedledee, acryl on canvas, 2010

Pictures as from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Hauntingly and in bright colours they narrate tales from a fancifull world: a time measuring rabbit, running through corridors, a drop on a fly agaric meadow or poweraddicted queens, who let heads roll. Icons of Popculture dancing surrealistically within the commercial world.

The artist bb-blue describes her own way of working as Mediasurrealis: a fantasised world, a blend of our virtual age and Popculture, gambling with sequences of old masters tradition from Baroque, Antiquity, Symbolism as well as Art Nouveau.

About bb-blue

1974 Born in Berlin
1994-2000 Studies at the University of Arts in Berlin
2000 Group exhibition "Babyboom 2000", Gallery Mainz
2001 Solo exhibition "bb-blue", Gallery Mainz
2002 Group exhibition "10 Years Gallery Mainz", Gallery Mainz
2003 Solo exhibition "bb-blue insects", Gallery Mainz
2004 Solo exhibition "Stadtseelen", Gallery Alikante
Teacher training and work at schools in Berlin